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Our Capabilities

QQE offers highly integrated, highly efficient, and intelligently networked manufacturing systems.  Our team of engineering and precision manufacturing experts are fueled by challenges and complexity that push the boundaries in quartz manufacturing processes. QQE understands the critical application needs of our customers and match our capabilities to meet their requirements. With expertise and sophisticated equipment, we leverage our capabilities and deliver our promises of excellence.
Quality Control

QQE recognizes that is it critical to drive quality through process controls and constantly maintaining critical to quality process parameters.  Maintaining quality through Operational Excellence and Six Sigma is part of our DNA.

CNC machining of quartz
Quartz Precision Cleaning
Precision Cleaning

QQE offers a variety of cleaning processes to meet our customers’ requirements. These can range from basic aqueous detergent cleaning to high purity cleaning. Our capabilities include HF, Nitric, Ammonium Bifluoride, and high-resistivity DI Water to meet your specifications.

CNC Machining
QQE uses precision CNC machining equipment to manufacture quartz components to the tightest tolerances in the industry. CNC is at the core of QQE capabilities and expertise. Whether you require a simple window or a complex component, QQE can deliver.
Core Drilling
QQE has an extensive library of core drills allowing us to achieve near net shape configurations. Our core drill capabilities drive minimal yield loss and optimal material usage which positions QQE as a material cost leader.
Flame Polishing
Our glassblowing expertise combined with highly controlled environments positions QQE to provide intricate fire polishing of parts for any semiconductor application.
Grinding & Polishing
Double and single side polishers are used to achieve highly accurate ground and polished plates. Our technicians have decades of experience polishing quartz materials and assuring superior quality.
ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom Packaging

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of our manufacturing process. As semiconductor requirements become more stringent, it is imperative that components are packaged and delivered contamination free.  Our ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom packaging ensures consistent quality every time. 

Quartz Precision Cleaning
Laser Cutting
A highly accurate tool for cutting complex shapes and parts that may have large quantities of features.  Laser cutting is ideal for producing complex quartz components, including baffles, showerheads, diffusers and a variety of slotted tubes.  
CAD/CAM Engineering Support

QQE uses the latest versions of Solid Works and AutoCAD to support all customer requirements.  Simulation software and highly trained engineers ensure perfection every time.

quartz machining
Repair and Refurbishment
Increase the longevity of your quartz parts with QQE’s repair services. We specialize in welding, refurbishing, regrinding and polishing, assembly, and cleaning. QQE can offer kitting programs to refurbish an entire set of quartz from your equipment whether it is Etch, MOCVD, ALD, or Epi.
Sawing and Slicing

QQE utilizes a variety of saws for processing all sizes of quartz, ceramic, and silicon materials. Applying more than 50 years of experience, our assortment of diamond and silicon carbide saws can handle a wide variety of applications

Water Jet Cutting
The waterjet is a useful tool that leverages high pressure water combined with an abrasive media, capable of cutting a variety of materials including quartz and ceramics.