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Our Products
Whether you are building a prototype or scaling for high-volume production, QQE has the proven experience in providing machined quartz parts. We work closely with customers to deliver quartz products that enable their success and provide solutions for their most complex operations. Our unwavering commitment to quality and copy exact manufacturing expertise, is the key to our success.
Custom Quartz Components
QQE offers a wide range of custom quartz components from bell jars components, complex showerheads, and custom nozzles/injectors. These intricate products are used across all major Etch, CVD, Epi, ALD, MOCVD, Diffusion and Strip platforms.
Fused quartz plates and discs are needed in the semiconductor industry for the fabrication of boats, pedestals, and wafer carriers for batch processing equipment. For single wafer processing equipment, plates are used to make windows, gas distribution plates, shower plates, wafer carriers, and susceptors.
End-effectors are an important component of any robotic arm system. They provide the gripping and manipulating functionality that allows robots to interact with their surroundings. QQE’s End-Effectors, which are mounted at the end of a robotic arm, have tight tolerances which allows for greater precision when manipulating wafers. Since quartz is so pure, it makes it a great material for end-effectors.
quartz end effector
Quartz Ring
QQE offers engineered flanges and rings for a variety of applications including etch, diffusion and chemical vapor deposition. These components are built to withstand extreme environments and are precisely machined to meet customer specifications.
Gas Distribution, Baffle and Showerhead
QQE’s Gas Distributor product line is designed to provide effective gas mixing before being sprayed over the surface of the wafer. The distribution of gases helps keep wafer thickness uniformity within a tight specification. QQE can design showerhead/baffles to meet your process requirements. We manufacture simple baffles to complex showerheads with thousands of holes.
Quartz Showerhead
Quartz plasma tube
Plasma Tube

QQE’s Plasma Tube product is the perfect solution for your engineering needs. These tubes are typically used in etch or removal process steps. With our plasma tubes, you can be confident that we can meet the stringent requirements, such as cylindricity and concentricity. QQE has developed a unique fixturing process that allows us to make tubes in a highly repeatable and reproducible manner.

Reticle Carrier

Reticle Carriers are a product that provides precise and secure positioning of the reticle or photomask.  QQE reticle carriers can be found in this most critical step of semiconductor manufacturing. QQE reticle carriers are manufactured to exact dimensions to meet the strict specifications of the semiconductor industry.

quartz Reticle Carrier
quartz Nozzle/Injectors
QQE’s nozzles and injectors are manufactured to evenly disperse gases in process chambers. These products are meticulously designed for specific gas flow rates and uniform control. QQE’s high-quality nozzles and injectors are made with precision engineered processes to ensure maximum performance and durability.
Wafer Lift Pin
QQE wafer lift pins can be used with confidence. QQE pins are clean, clear and made to exact customer specifications. Since wafer lift pins touch the wafer, these parts must have the highest quality, be contamination free, and reliable.
quartz Wafer Lift Pin